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  Silva Graduates from Hyderabad said :-

"Even our Parents cannot teach us everything in life but Silva Mind Control Method gives us the techniques & tools to deal with any situation or problem. I want all my family members to learn & benefit from it."                                                                                                                                          --Ms.Menaka Agarwal
 (Home Maker)

"I am very fortunate to be a Silva graduate, as Silva method drastically changed my life style.
The techniques of Silva changed my way of thinking. It helped me in grabbing success in each and every aspect of life.
My memory improved to a great extent.I am having peace of mind by doing meditation.
I got all my arrears back, which are being postponed from a long time, after doing Silva. I am able to heal mental pains and physical as well, to some extent. I am able to manage stress and take write decisions.
I can surely say that its going to take my life to greater heights and make it more beautiful."

-Ms.N.Vaishnavi Varma                                                                                                                              (Student)

"I had attended Silva mind control program after a long delay and when I completed the program I had realized that I should not have delayed so long.                                                                                 I have no hesitation to say that I became a better and more evolved person after the Silva mind control program. The content and the modules of training were realistic and easily understandable.                                                                                                                                        The trainer, Dr. Renuka Devi  had explained the modules with great clarity  which makes it easy to absorb, practice and get benefits.                                                                                                                continue to practice Silva method and am evolving daily to a more happier person."                           -Mr.Lakshman Prakash                                                                                                                               (Shantha Biotech nics ltd)

"Before attending this course, I was very sceptical about how it could help me as I had quite a few negative thoughts in my mind, but after participating in this workshop, I'm feeling very good & very positive & I think everybody should do this!"                                                                                            - Ms.Manita Gupta 

"I  have learnt Silva Method in Jan '2010 & by using it I have achieved many big things and small things in my daily routine. I think these are simple, useful & effective techniques which can be done by anyone and I
think lot of awareness must be spread among people about this course and specially this should be introduced in the schools so that children learn it from a very early age and become successful."

-Ms.Meenu Solanki                                                                                                                                     (Student) 


Children attend our Silva Youth Seminars once they reach seven years of age and our oldest Silva graduate was 104!

Everyone who takes the Silva Method programs benefits. Millions throughout the world and of all walks of life have benefited from this discovery and now you can to. Others just like you have learned to function at lower brain frequencies with awareness. You achieve this in just hours of practicing the mind-directed exercises in the Silva Method trainings.

When you learn and practice the exercises and techniques presented in this training you will be able to improve every area of your life. You will learn how to use tools and techniques that will enhance your imagination, creativity, intuition and problem-solving ability. Empowering you to become a fully functioning human, integrating both the intuitive and rational sides of your consciousness, allowing you to manifest more what you desire in your living experience.

By experience the Silva Method trainings you're joining others throughout the world that have taking advantage of this unique program and are now living happier healthier more fulfilling lives.

The Silva Method is a world leader in teaching practical applications of powerful mind exercises and techniques. We've been around for a long time because people have overcome problems of health, finances, relationships and family by using the Silva Method.

What you learn is to use more of your mind in a special way that will allow you to accelerate the process of getting from where you were now to where you want to be. This is why we say this is a life accelerator course.

The Silva Method has grown rapidly worldwide with outstanding success because it is the first method known to be effective in helping people to manage their minds and to develop a more focused creative and innovative way of thinking.

The discovery of this applied science of orienting or direct of the mind known as Psychorientology was developed by Josť Silva. It has lead millions to take greater control of their lives by guiding their minds to achievements far more exceptional than they previously believed and you are going to learn to do the same. Mr. Silva's discovery made clear that extraordinary mental functioning was simply the natural outcome obtained by controlling brain wave states and consciously directing the mind.

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